" Tempus  Fugit "



We have reached you and that means you are special for us. 
Welcome to Hypersonic Defense!
We are investors, artists, coders, thinkers, historians, engineers, researchers, philosophers, scientists, aviators, aerospace enthusiasts and visionary people from all walks of life.



We value creativity, character, integrity and background. 
Creative process: Your educational history is irrelevant.

We leave degrees and black-belts for our validation team.
Our goal:

To contribute for the future of hypersonic air and space travel,

while we make the World a safer place.


STARTUP Acquisition & Funding

We believe in the power of home-thinkers and small labs. Most of the greatest innovations were conceived and initially developed this way and we will support innovators with funding.

Paper Concepts 

Will be validated under a NCDA program.

Upon validation and agreement we start the funding process.

Operational Technology Demonstrators

The program is straightforward:  Presentation/Validation --->   Acquisition or Joint-Venture. We prefer Joint-Venture programs where founders will join our board. 

Patented or Not

Patents are interesting but not required at all. We understand many innovators don´t have the time nor the funding required to protect their work. We protect you with an NCDA program.


We work fast and believe in the power of "Chronos". 


As a private enterprise we move faster than government institutions.
We welcome ideas, startups, insights and creative people with a passion for high speeds and the defense segment.


Just let us know. 

Welcome aboard! 
"Team Chronos"


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